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Yixin Biopic.png

Yixin Qi, PE
Project Engineer (Winston-Salem Office)

Professional/Personal Mantra or Motto

Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.

In my profession, I am most fulfilled when…

my design is put into service and working properly.

What personal or professional activities/involvement are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping clients achieve success and figuring out what fulfills them.

When I'm not working, I enjoy…

Working in the yard or gym and hanging out with my family.

Where did you receive your education? 

University of Florida

What is something about you that might surprise most people?​

I drove from Gainesville to Miami for 5 hours the next day I got my driver's license.


I'm known around the office for…

always have multiple notebooks on my table. One for meeting notes, one for calculations, and one for learning notes.

What is your Spirit Animal?

Shark, to breathe, they must move forward.

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