Paige Highfill

Company Treasurer & Corporate Secretary


Paige Highfill is a company officer and fills the role of Company Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. She holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education and spent six years as a math teacher on both the middle school and community college levels. She manages all payable and receivable accounts, payroll, and is our employee benefits administrator. Her attention to detail and ability to break down complex concepts into an understandable format make Paige a valuable asset to the team. Paige is also a certified Notary Public in the state of North Carolina.


Paige enjoys relaxing by the ocean, taking long walks, sitting on the back porch with her family and friends, and cheering for her two sons at the baseball field. She also serves on the leadership team of the Community Bible Study class in her area and sings in the praise choir at her church.




Quote to live by:

"Choose to be a blessing."