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Photo of team members here?


Our story begins with our people. Since our inception in 2004, we have continued to hire impressive individuals. Our people are not just passionate about customer service, they are passionate about service in general. Each member of HIGHIFLL celebrates our core values which in turn secures our culture. 

Committed to providing exceptional service, Tyler started HIGHFILL in 2004.




V.P. Marketing

With a shared vision for meeting clients' needs, J. Ray Cox, Jr. joined HIGHIFILL in 2005.

J. Ray


As HIGHFILL is experiencing welcome challenges and growth, Chris Ford joins this dynamic team in 2015.

Chris Ford Bio_cutout.png


V.P. Operations


We are a principle-centered engineering consulting firm which means that our decisions and actions are grounded in tenets such as integrity, honesty, humility, and excellence. We place service before profit, the profession before personal gain, and the public welfare above all other considerations. 

True, we solve complex ? 
water infrastructure needs?, but where we shine is through our service. It's the reason why so many clients return. This means open lines of frequent communication between our staff and those we serve. We choose to approach every task with a team. Every member is assigned a critical role, and no role is considered more important than another. Regardless of whether an assignment is completed by the CEO, a field technician, an administrative assistant, or an engineer, each person has a voice and knows his or her contribution is valuable.

More about what this means for our clients and why they would want to choose us. Any major milestones?
Would we ever considering add quotes from those that have worked with us before (like we do in SOQs? 
We believe the Traits of Successful Businesses are outlined in these 5 steps:
#1 Exceptional Leadership
#2 Committed Personnel
#3 Keen Market Awareness
#4 Client-First Philosophy
#5 Clear Differentiator

Perhaps items from Tyler's onboarding welcome chat?
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