Nikia Jackson

Administrative/Project Assistant


Nikia (Nikki) Jackson is an Administrative/Project Assistant for HIGHFILL’s Winston-Salem office. In addition to managing the daily tasks that keep the office running smoothly, Nikki also assists with marketing efforts and supports our engineers with a variety of tasks throughout all project phases. Her background in communications, years of administrative support experience, and passion for service provide her with the skills needed to balance the many hats she wears on our team. 

Nikki received her B.A. in Corporate/Organizational Communications from Northern Illinois University in 2006. She is also a licensed cosmetologist. 

In addition to her work at HIGHFILL, Nikki is a dedicated volunteer for the non-profit organization Women of Wisdom (W.O.W.). W.O.W.’s mission is to improve the lives of women and young girls by providing encouragement, empowerment, and a strong networking system. As W.O.W.’s Communications Specialist and Administrative Assistant, Nikki assists with general office support and bookkeeping, as well as public communications and community engagement activities.   

Along with her volunteering efforts, outside of the office you can find Nikki talking to everyone she encounters. As a people person, Nikki genuinely enjoys laughing and spreading the love of Jesus Christ through friendly conversation. 

Quote to live by:

"Go Be Great!"

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